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    October 30, 2013
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we'll see you next time. >> good evening welcome to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler. the drain the debate is having on the president's aproofal rating. >> just vying the means. less what the nsa is using to explain their spy program. >> san francisco wants to know what google is doing with a bar. >> in the bay. >> plus the symptoms. burning eyes and itchy skin. the cause a hot sauce factory down the road. the prescription, a lawsuit.
>> nearly one month after the roll out the government's new health care website is still crashing. many people can't sign up for coverage. that has put the president and his administration on defensive for another day. kathleen sebelius called the website a debacle. the president went on fe defense today comparing it to another launch that had it's share of problems. >> before obamacare there was romney care. visiting boston president obama said the come p comparison stil. you had a model that we built
the affordable care bein care bs temperaturtelltemplate. >> the president says they'll be happier with a new plan. >> if you are getting that deal could mean a higher monthly ctv. zblrntle on dpol hill the republicans attacked the changes. kathleen sebelius was the second in a number of days to apologize for the debacle. the applicants financial data could be compromised. >> would you shutdown the system
and give a security test. >> no sir if you read the memo. >> >> i have read it. >> the weekly testing of the devices and including interface testings daily and weekly scans are going on. taken together the problems with the launch have given the republicans an opening to regain footing. >> it's the president's ultimate spoferencibility, correct. spoferencibility -- responsibilities correct. >> he is the president and he is responsible for the program. >> he is responsible for the problems at the website. he is angry about it and he said that those problems are fixed mid november according to the officals. sebilius was asked if the problems with the website would cause a delay. pushing back the deadline where everyone must have health insurance or face a fine. sebelius says there is americansty of time for everyone to get insurance. they are not going to push back the dea deadline.
>> mike viqueira at the white house. >> some states are having problems with the affordable care act. one in colorado county. not a single person has enrolled in the healthcare plan. it depends on where the people live. >> lenardo is in the market for health insurance. he has come to the resource center in summit county colorado. healthcare guide is helping lenardo navigate the new healthcare exchange. >> you would qualify for a tax credit for $362. lenardo works part time and doesn't get health insurance knew his job. resort communities like summit have had higher premiums than the rest of the country. and so far obamacare has done nothing to make the people prems
less expensive. >> how many people have you enrolled? enrolled. >> not one. so far everyone has looked at the rates and walked out the door. it's sticker shock they can't afford it. i'm crossing the divide from clear creek county to summit county and my healthcare costs has gone up 50 first. o. 50%. summit county has the state's highest premiums. right next door bolder and den vefedenver have the lowest. >> frankly when people have ill illnesses and health issues they come to the denver metro area for treatment. >> the map can't be redrawn until 2015. >> because the plans have been certified, they have been looked at and they been calculated
based on the data for the entire state. you can't change one county and not affect another county down the line. >> poli summit of wants a waiver for summit county so the people don't have to pay the $95 penalty for not buying insurance for 2014. that is a short term fix. the tougher question here is at the top of the colorado whether the affordabl affordable care al make healthcare costs affordable to the people that live here. >> and one of the biggest challenges of the affordable healthcare act is getting young people to sign up for insurance. let's bring in mitchell, he is 21 years old. health insurance is important to him. mitchell is on his mothers' healthcare plan and has been trying to sign up for obamacare without a lot of luck. well comwelcome mitchell. >> thank you for having me.
>> your mom got a letter from the insurance company which said what. >> at the start of october we received a letter from e etna tt our insurance was going to be cancelled. >> she received this letter that said her insurance was going to be cancelled. what do you hear about what you can get on the exchange? >> etna said they would be mailing us new options that we could sign up for. we were supposed to receive it this week. last year she had me go on to for me. because she is not computer efficient and i went on to and i couldn't get farther than step three where you make the questions for your password and the site malfunctioned. >> do you have any idea what this new insurance may cost your family. >> last week she called an
insurance representative and they said it would be more expensive than what we previously had. whawhat. >> what is you your reaction? >> it's called the affor afforde care act and it's not affordable. >> does your mom,s does your family support president obama? did they support him in the election? >> they previously did. my mom is from canada she has experience with soaks ic -- socd medicine in canada. >> what does she say now. we have had healthcare since 2001 from etna and we no longer have it. and obama said in many speeches if you previously had insurance you you can keep it and that hasn't happened. >> if you had a better plan than now and it was less expensive would you try to get that plan or not. let's say if your insurance had
not been cancelled. >> if our insurance had not canceled we probably would have stayed with the same insurance. now we arenin we are being forck for other insurance. >> there is a lot of conversation about young people getting involved in this program and the importance of young people doing that. >> given what you have seen is there any chance you would sign up. >> if the website starts to wowrworki will look into it. >> the real opportunity until you get to see what you are going to pay and what it's going to cover it's difficult to do that. mitchell it's good to see you. >> thank you for joining us we appreciate it. thank you for having me, john. >> in washington the blame seems to be shifting from shutting down and enabling republicans to healthcare fumbling white house. in a new wall street journal nbc poll. president obama approval rating has dropped to 42% that is and all time low.
51% say they disapprove of the president's performance in office. and only 22% are ma happy with the-- >> million of retirees will see a slight increase of their social security checks next year. an average of $19 a moment. the automatic increase is one of the smallest in if years. >> lar i havharvey spears dallay i help you. >> harvey spears served 20 years in the u.s. navy before retiring to serve here as an advocate for a disabled rights group. >> some of them are barely surviving they live day buydy. by day. some of them don't have enough money to finish out the month. >> spears knows from personal
experience how little social security pays. as a disan disabled vetd vet hee checks too. >> they are my livelihood. with the salary that i currently have. >> the social security benefits for the disabled and the nation's elderly that calculation ignores regional differences like the fact that texas offers less state level welfare than most other states. >> linda lost her new york benefits when she moved from
rochester to dallas. the 1.5 social security increase is significantly. >> i like it. it will be apparently a $20 a month increase, but every little bit helps. >> campaign gets $700 a month from social security, and can't afford a car, so even with a broken hip, she walks. >> goodness, let's not go far backwards. >> the former special ed teacher finds solace at church, an escape from physical and financial troubles. she's 64 and has had no luck finding work since losing her teaching job in 2005. >> we deserve this help because we have earned it. - social security payments were
deducted out of our paychecks just like everything else. >> she says she only wishes the government safety net she's landed in was less tattered. . now, to the controversy surrounding the national security agency. a document obtained by al jazeera shows agency officials had been advised to site the 9/11 attacks when asked to testify about surveillance activities before congress. it was listed under a subheading titled, "sound bites that resonate", it contains a series of talking points. the nsa did not comment. there were revelations about the extent of the nsa surveillance activities. the "the washington post" reports that the agency broke into the links connecting ya he and google. the agency will be able to collect data from hundreds of
millions of uses, many belonging to americans. the government has not confirmed or denied the report. google and yahoo are unaware of the activity. >> the president of syria say talks will only succeed if foreign powers stop supporting the opposition. james bays says they are on the way to trying to end the civil war. >> the u.n. special representative lakhdar brahimi meeting with syria's president bashar al-assad - part of efforts to organise a peace conference after more than 2.5 years of bloodshed. his mission is proving difficult. assad's government says it will go to the geneva conference, but behind the scenes it's believed to be setting all sorts of conditions. and the syrian opposition is deeply divided over even whether to attend. >> we don't see anything encouraging, and that would lead us to leave that this is - in fact the other side is serious.
you hear from many of our groups statements questioning the process. as we said before, we are committed to any political solution leading to the democratic transition. >> there is a date set for the peace talks - november the 22nd. will they take place? what do you think now are the chances of getting the peace conference under way in november. >> there's only two ways of ending the conflict. one is military victory, and the other is to have a negotiated process or transition, where there's an investment from the parties in the next stage of syria's very war-torn history. >> soon they may be playing a bigger role. the u.s. and russia determined the geneva conference must take place. lakhdar brahimi's efforts have not borne fruit. one senior security council
diplomat told me if lakhdar brahimi fails the deputy secretary-general should put his work to one side and concentrate solely on syria. >> good evening, everyone. well, the weather from detroit all the way down to el paso is getting worse this evening. this is the storm system that began in the rockies, it is picking up moisture from the gulf of mexico and we are seeing the rain and thunder storms. a lot of hail damage, wind damage and flooding going on. the flooding is more significant down here, towards texas. look at the heavy rain, tex a louisiana, arkansas and missouri. we are specting 3-5 inches of rain in the next 48 hours.
we are looking at flash flood warnings and advisories in effect through the area. problems tonight and tomorrow. if you are travelling on the roads, be careful. if you travel in the low water crossings, as well as delays at the airports - you may want to call ahead. >> we'll bring you more on that and out east. >> the latest from google - a floating box - no one outside the company knows what it's for. the mystery barge is next. also - a little boy who stole the spotlight from pope francis. more of his big show at the vatican coming up.
>> in san francisco a mysterious barge is stirring speculation it is stacked several stories high with containers and appears to belong to google. melissa chan takes a closer look
>> silicon valley will not stop talking about it - so it doesn't look exciting. just a big box off the shore of an island between oakland and san francisco. it's a barge covered up, fenced in and guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week and reveals the role google plays in this town - anything it does sparks excitement >> we visited some of the start-ups at the offices of rocket space to find out what the people in the industry think of the project. . >> yes, it's the talk of the town. initially when it was a discovery that google was working on this barge offshore, treshure island, my initial thought was a glass retail store like everyone was speculating. >> a data center. it makes sense for google. they need a lot of power, floating the center - it could be moved near the place where the competing power is needed.
>> my suspicion is a data center. the reason i say that is because i remember back in the day around 2005 google was rumoured to have containers that were basically like trucks. they'd position in around the country to reduce latensy for their service. >> google's invention and innovations lead the industry. the generous budget for research and development, everyone encouraged to pursue pet projects means that this latest venture could be anything. the secret is by coastal, a similar barge owned by google. the popular guest is a data center using ocean waters as a coolant. we will not know whether that explanation holds water for some time to come. >> a powerful state senator in california is the focus of a federal corruption
investigation. josh bern stephen from al jazeera's investigative unit has more. >> los angeles - a city where fame and infamy go hand in hand. >> tax credits, work... >> here everything seems larger than life. including its politicians. that is state senator ronald calderon, the target of an investigation. according to a sealed affidavit obtained by al jazeera's investigative unit, the senator is for sale, willing to influence legislation in exchange for money. as part of a sting federal bureau of investigation posed as owners of a film studio, approached a senator and allegedly paid him off. >> they had to establish bank
accounts, needed a business licence - it's an extensive, lengthy operation. >> senator calderon wanted his family added to the payroll. he told undercover agents, "any help you can do for my kids, it's diamonds for me." the agents hired his daughter, paid her $30,000, and she never had to show up for work. at the world famous pebble beach the senator attended a fund raiser, californians for diversity" owned by his brother. calderon is rubbing elbows and raising money. the embattled senator declined to comment. we caught up with him as he arrived at another 5-star resort. >> reporter: ex-cues me, josh bern stephen from al jazeera.
we hope to ask you questions about your legal problems? >> i'm here for a conference, i'm not going to discuss that. >> will you resign? >> calder on has been an a-list star for more than a decade. he may be best remembered for falling hard for an elaborate undercover sting. >> josh joins us from washington d.c. based on documents you obtained. how long does the fbi allege that the senator has been engaged in the scheme? >> when it comes to the elaborate undercover sting, it was more than a year long, the probe, and it was over the course of that year they had several meetings, they used wire taps, monitoring his conversations and engaged in meetings with him. that, we can tell you, was taking place for a year. according to the affidavit that in 2008 the sack ramento field division amented an undercover, introducing -- attempted an
undercover, where they invoiced two agents. the senator did not take the base. that case was rolled into la's case. >> you say also that the fbi was able to get an undercover agent hired to the state capitol. >> you're right. it was an undercover agent posing as the girlfriend to one of the alleged movie executives. calderon created the job on his staff. to make that happen he had to go through the senate president, darryl sign berg. no job existed. she had no experience and was a model by trade, according to the undercover officers. >> josh bernstein in washington. thanks. >> michael eaves is here, and the game has ended. >> it's ended and the red sox have done something they have not done since 1918 - that is close outside a world series
title at fenway park in boston. there is a live shot of the field as the players celebrate on the field with some of the media as well. 6-1 the final score. john lackey gets the victory and won game 7 in 2002 with the angels. this is a huge night in boston. the fans have been gathered around the ballpark all day long and several thousands will be in the streets as they celebrate their third world series title in the last 10 years. more on this coming up later. now to footballs, and representatives of the oneida football league met in relation to a continued use of name and mascot that is a dictionary defin defined racial sler. >> and the announcement of a
retirement. a 14 nba career including 11 games, four titles and mpv award. 26 points for game average, ranked six. those are the headlines. huge news in boston as the red sox are series champions again. >> the celebrations will go on for days. we'll talk later. >> defending obamacare, and promising fixes. the woman in charge of making it work apologises. as she spoke another problem popped up. soon - 18 will no longer be old enough to buy a packet of cigarettes in new york city.
[ ♪ theme ] welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm john siegenthaler in new york. here are the top stories - big celebrations begin in boston. the red sox are the champions of baseball, beating the st louis cardinals 6-1, winning the world series 4-2. a reversal of fortune for boston, which finished last place a year ago.
>> the national security agency reportedly broke into the main communication links connecting yahoo and google data centres, collecting hundreds of thousands of data. many belonging to americans. the government did not confirm or deny the details in the "the washington post" story. and this... >> you deserve better. i apologise. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius testified before a republican led committee today. she said problems with the website will be fixed by november. as she spoke the website crashed again. in spite of promises to fix the website thousands of americans are having problem. kimberley halket talks to a family in the middle of all of
it. >> when this 62-year-old learnt america's affordable care act would allow her to buy unaffordable health insurance, she was thrilled. when she went on line to buy it her application was denied. >> the answer was no, i don't know why. our income is not that much. my husband is retired. we live in social security. so i can't afford to pay high amount for insurance. >> her son tried to help. he says it took hours to fill out forms and navigate the government website. a lot of information i had to re-enter or reverify, prompting me to get to the final piece that she was not eligible, but i was not given a reason as to why she was not eligable. >> their experience is not unique, thousands complained about the launch of the website
11:32pm >> the program is not functioning. on capitol hill, the woman in charge of implementing the affordable care act apologised to u.s. lawmakers for its failures. >> you deserve better. i apologise. i'm accountable to you for fixing the problems. i'm committed to earning your confidence back by fixing the site. as kathleen sebelius testified the website crashed. speaking from the u.s. state of massachusetts, president obama defended his health care law, promising to fix it. he told the audience he takes... >> full responsibility to make sure it gets fixed. we are working overtime to improve it every day. >> others are skeptical. president obama promised americans who liked their insurance could keep it. it's not always the case. she received a letter from her current insurance provider telling her under the new law she'll have to sign up for
different coverage costing hundreds per month. >> where is the money for that? >> how much would it be a month for you? >> it's $317 per month. >> she plans to appeal her rejection for government subsidised health coverage. given the problems with the website, she fears it could take months to sort out her claim, leaving her potentially uninsured and frustrated. >> now, former massachusetts gf nor and presidential candidate mitt romney took to facebook to criticise president obama's roll out saying: and he said:
>> a former health care advisor to mitt romney, and a senior fellow at the manhattan institute - he was at the hearing on capitol hill and is back to new york tonight. thank you for being here. i assume you agree with your friend mitt romney. >> i do. that is something that has been misunderstood by a lot of people that a state-based solution is different from a federal sol suings. >> how -- solution. >> how does this play out. this program is having a great deal of difficulty, should the united states throw it away and start over? >> certainly i think it's a worthwhile goal, as did mitt romney, to try to cover everyone in the country. the challenge here, and the hearing drove it home - what was ral striking about the hearing -- really striking about the hearing was the depth, scale and scope of the problems with
the exchange. it's not just the front end of the website. it's the back-end where it interacts with the irs to verify your income, and the insurance companies to enrol you in coverage, where security and privacy are detected. there's a lot of problems. it's not obvious that they'll be fixed by 30 november. >> massachusetts had problems too, right? >> they didn't have the problems the federal exchange happened. >> you didn't have a website like that. >> they did, but the thing in massachusetts is they had a database of people who were uninsured because they'd been tracking the people in the uncompensated care pool so they automatically enrolled 30 or 40,000 straight away. >> technology has changed and gotten better. you'd assume we'd be able to do more. it hasn't happened. >> the biggest problem of all was that the people in cms, the centres for medicare and
medicade services were responsible for marshalling the effort of 54-55 contractors, had no previous experience with large it projects. this is the largest important it project in memory. >> you know a number of fellow republicans would like the chuck the program, get rid of it, repeal it. what does that do to america's health care system at this point, would you say. >> everyone on the republican side would agree that the status quo anti--e of what the health care system before obamacare was not good. if you want to repeal obamacare, you have to replace it with something more affordable. this is the biggest problem. it doesn't make the cost of health insurance cheaper. that's why so map people are unemployed in americans. the cost of health insurance is high. >> the trashy part is the country is in the middle of the rollout - do you stop it,
postpone it. if you talk to people who write software, it's easier to stop the website and rebuild it from scratch than to repair something on the fly that is this complex. that would be the advice of the software professionals. secretary kathleen sebelius says that is not on the table. >> you get the impression that politically some republicans just are hoping this doesn't work, that they are wishing it won't work, because they don't want obamacare under any circumstances. is that the case, do you think? >> well, i think the irony is that the success of the exchanges would be better for the conservative free market approach to health care because it's shopping for coverage on your own through private insurance plans that are competing in theory that is the way of conservative reform. the fact that the obama administration has not been able to make the exchanges work is
more damaging to long-term prospects for a truly marketing or competitive system. >> how do you see this coming out? >> i'm pessimistic that november 30th will be the date when things are fixed. they picked the date because they know if people can't sign up for coverage on jan 1, a lot of people will be uninsured for several months. a lot of people are more worried about the short-term political fix, they knew the system was not ready a week before 1 october. they hadn't tested it. they launched it knowing it wasn't ready. that is the most concerning thing. >> the country needs answers. >> new york is about to become the first major city in the united states to raise the spoking age to 21. the city council passed a bill meaning anyone younger will not
be able to buy tobacco products. >> cigarettes, sigars, tobacco will be off limits to anyone under 21. >> i'm a smoker. i think it may be a good idea. i started smoking young. if i started at 21 - i don't think i would have started. >> if you are going be 21 to drink, it should be the same as cigarettes. at the end of the day it harms you as much as alcohol. if you can be old enough and sensible enough to drink, it should be the same. >> that is the thought behind the bill to delay and deter young people from picking up the habit. >> mayor michael bloomberg says says he will sign the bill and issued a statement: >> under-bloomberg new york took a hard line against tobacco, banning smoking in restaurants,
bars, public park and beaches. attention now turns to young people. >> if we can prevent them starting before age 21, they may never start. this could make a huge different in the smoking rates. >> not everyone is convinced. >> if someone is going to smoke they will, no matter what. changing the age won't make a difference. i mean drinking age is 21 - that doesn't stop people drinking. >> the 21 year minimum age will take effect 18 months after mayor bloomberg signs the bill into law. >> now to rome and the vatican. not many people would dream of stealing a seat from the pope. over the weekend one little boy did that. pope francis was speaking to a crowd at st peter's square when the child's curiosity got the best of him. >> the little boy climbed on stage into the pope's big white chair, very comfortable as he listened to the pope's whom illy. >> when an aide tried to get the
child off the stage, he had none of it, wrapping his arm around the pope's leg, holding on for deer life. it was a moment that the crowd definitely enjoyed. after the pope reclaimed his chair, his new-found friend decided to look around and get a closer look at the pope. the two clearly seemed to be fast friends, and when aides tried to get the boy offstage, with promises of candy, the pope's new young sidekick was reluctant to leave, staying by the pont if's side. >> the pope was there to discuss the value of faith and family when the young boy stole the limelight. it's a big night for the boston red sox, and a big night in boston. live pictures from fenway park. something we have not seen in 95 years for the red sox, a world series victory at home,
michael eaves will have that and more in sport. don't go away.
conversation a d o will had o z
in california hot sauce factory is coming under fire, facing a lawsuit because people say a foul odour is causing their eyes to burn and causing headaches. >> brian rooney has the story. >> this is a traditional vietnamese hot sauce, it goes on everything. james uses a case aweek in his restaurant. >> little spice or a lot much. >> little. if you want a little it put more for you there >> no doubt some like it hot. not just a few blocks away in this neighbourhood, downwind of
the 6,000 square foot factory. pepper fumes get into this lady's house. >> my eyes are watery, my nose itches all the way to here, and here it is swollen. >> yol anda says the pepper smell ended her daughter's wedding shower. 30 guests were affected. >> they didn't know what was going on. we had to explain it was the chili factory. >> the hot sauce at the center of the controversy... . >> people living in... . >> the neighbour hood battle over hot sauce has become a stories. "the los angeles times" featured it on its website. the factory makes 200,000 bottles a day and can hardly keep up with global demand. this time of year trucks trundle into the plant carrying tonnes of fresh jalepenos. >> the chilli sauce has the same
ingredients as pepper spray. here, outside the factory, you can sell it. >> they refuse to fix the problem. the city sued saying fumes from the plant cause physical harm and discomfort to resident. officials want the plant shut until it has a more efficient air cleaning system. >> are they more concerned with making money? >> that's the impression. that is what is communicated through actions or lack of actions. we find it despicable. >> the company did not respond to requests for an interview. no one wants the sauce to go away - just its over. >> we love chilli, you know. i eat chili, all kinds. >> the city hopes the court will make a decision that will clear the air. .
michael is back with sports. an historic night for the red sox. >> absolutely, a good night to be in town if you are looking for a party. 1918, a date fans know well. that date long haunted the franchise as the last time the red sox won a world series, until the demon was exercised in 2004. despite a title in 2007, 1918 nagged boston fans because that date still remained the last time the red sox clinched a title at home. something that the red sox could rectify with a win over the cardinals in game 6 of the world series. the cards manager doing what they could do to get to the seven. boston started john lackey, two fly pauls, striking out zaida. shane victorino returned to the line-up and he drove in three runs with bases loaded double off the green.
shane victorino 0 for 10 frirt prior to the hit. boston short staff steven struggled at the plate. that was forgotten. the red sox up 4-zip. the fans started to feel it. two out in the fourth. mike naply hits a looper. that drives in jacobey z els borough. the game out of hand. 5-0 red sox. two batters later, bases loaded. guess who it is - shane victorino. lbr single, david ortiz. five of the six runs coming with two outs. at the bottom of the ninth matt carpenter struck out. ending the game and world series. the red sox claimed the first victory at home in 95 years. >> we worked hard.
hey. we are world champs. it was awesome atmosphere. the guys on the team - i'm fired up. >> i think i screwed up if i decide to describe it with words. i'll describe it with actions when the place is rocking and rolling. >> as much as the win means to the red sox organization, it means more to red sox nation. fans have been lined up outside red sox so they could say they were there the moment red sox clinched a title at home, the first time since 1918. you could feel the energy of the fans permeate through the television inside fenway park and outside on the streets. what a tremendous scene at fenway and the city of boston. any time you have a winner, you have a loser - the cardinals - a tremendous season, falling short
to a determined red sox team. nonetheless, the red sox are world series champion. in the past nba off-season was active. several top-tier players and coaches joining new teams. all with the intent of taking down the 2-time defending champion miami heat. a team that made it clear it would target the heat was the brooklyn mets trading paul pearce and kevin garnett, and added former 10-time all-star player jason kidd as the new head coach. they tipped off a season minus kidd, serving a 2-game suspension for a dui. pierce scored the first two points of the season. he would finish with 17 in his brooklyn debut. pierce, of course, attempteded with garnett the last six sevens in boston. they hope to bring the championship atmosphere to the
nets. kg with a pedestrian night. ta 15-points putting the cads in a position for an eye-opening upset in a season debut. cleveland with a 2-point lead, 28 seconds to remaining. the cats hanging on to stun brooklyn, giving mike a triumphant beginning as the coach back in cleveland. the top story - boston takes down the cards in game 6 to win their third title in 10 years. there's a live shot at fenway park. they had the presentation. some of the players on the field and several of the members hanging around the field. tremendous energy and a great evening in boton. if you are a red sox fans, if you are the cardinals, you can't wait to be on a plane back to
spous. >> i anticipate the party will go for a period of time. >> david ortiz was the world series most valuable player. >> not sure it would end. i thought boston would win, it was solid and convincing. >> it was, that much early. no one expected it, especially with michael watkins, a good pitcher for st louis. you could feel the energy with the first run, and boston wins it, going away. >> kevin with the weather after this. 75 years ago tonight americans on the country heard this on the radio... >> it is reported that at 8:50pm a huge object, believed to be a meetor item fell on a form... >> a look back at the "war of the worlds" broadcast and the panic that followed next.
[ ♪ theme ] it was 75 years ago today that actor and director orson welles broadcast "war of the worlds." the show mixed music with fake
radio news bull tins, convincing people that martians invaded the planet. we have more from a new jersey town where the story was set. >> good evening from the meridian room in the park plaza hotel in the new york city. >> 75 years after the cbs radio production of "war of the worlds" fooled americans into thinking a marr shan invasion of new jersey was under way they are at it again in grovers mill, the town where the aliens were said to have married. >> we enterrupt... >> orson welles and his radio theatre company reeled in the audience with news and music. >> what sounded like news cut away from music programming fooled people. >> it was 1938. war was brewing in europe. the u.s. was on edge. what would you think if you heard this coming out of our
old-time steam radio? >> a bulletin handed me marshan cylinders are falling all over the country. one outside buffalo, one in chicago, st louis. >> this is a different era. you had the dad, mum and boy listening to the radio terrified of orson welles broadcast. orson said it was the equivalent of putting a white sheet on. >> the next day the paper rode... >> there was something like over 2,000 phone calls to the police. people used party lines, not like today where everyone had a cell phone. it was a big deal. >> frank and his wife run the grovers mill coffee shop, peppered with "war of the worlds" memorabilia and they host events regularly. a question they are asked a lot is could it happen again today in the digital age.
>> in a heartbeat i believe it could. there's a lot of fear, terror, a lot of things that scare us. if it was put into something modern today, that online facebook... . >> it's large, large as a bear, glistenning like wet laether. ladies and gentlemen, it's indescribable. >> the people of grovers mill fell for it 75 years ago. today they revel in it. >> a survey found that two-thirds of listeners believe there was a real alien invasion. years later orson welles apologised saying he didn't realise the program would be broadcast nationwide. >> earlier i told you about the storms in texas. streets in austin are flooding
in that area as well as many parts of north eastern texas. it will continue tonight and tomorrow. the frontal boundary and the storm is not going anywhere. all the way through friday the storm will push to the eest. a lot of warm area behind it and in front of it. as we go towards the south there'll be more rain and up towards newark. the winds will be the biggest problem. tropical storm force winds will be seen across the great lakes. 60 miles per hour towards the south. trees are going to be branches falling off powerlines going down. we'll see a lot of people without power over the next couple of of days. it will take a while, through the weekend to get it up. as we drove towards friday, depending when the parade is in boston, friday will be heavy.
rain will be pushing across the area. society the front will make its way through. things will look nice. across boston, most of the rain ended, pushing through. they are looking at nice continues. temperatures across the region look like this. we are seeing temperatures in boston into the 46 degrees in some places down to 44. wind chill about 43 degrees. other places looks like this. we are seeing pittsburg 56, new york at 58. conditions around the region are going to be deteriorating in the area. if you have travel plans from boston down towards washington into friday, expect delays, expect cancellations because we'll see some major problems here. >> towards chicago, those things looking better. the rain is moving through. by thursday morning it will be a big improvement. that's a look at the national weather. have a great evening everyone. goodnight.
welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. here are the top stories. >> the boston red sox are the champions of baseball. at fenway park they beat the st louis cardinals 6-1, winning 4-2 the series. this is a live picture at fenway park. the first time the red sox celebrated a championship on their home field in 95 years. earlier in boston president obama said he takes full responsibility for the problems with, the website for the affordable care act. he said the millions of people who are receiving cancellation notices from health insurance companies will get plans they'll like more. h